miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Quote 6

Believe me, for a long time some people were sure they could convince me that talent, at least partly, it’s about the capacity of learning, like really quickly, a set of rules with regard to something; as if the power of assimilation, of internalization, this is, the pure and simply intelligence were something more than just a simple indicator, when for proper experience from my years in school, I discovered that to disobey some rules, was the best demonstration of an undeniable quota of lucidity, and, as always, the not suitable ones for the change end up being, in principle, the most harmed. 

The few ones and inside the few ones, the exclusive ones who have the aptitude and the attitude necessary to impose inside of a world bombarded by a gregarious arranging, the idea of an emotional system that its really personal to the margin and adjacent with the universe that surrounds them and in which they belong with interdependence, are the ones that can indicate, with the example, and only with the example, the first and the last of the mobile balances, trough the frank laugh that overcomes y that its earned after the most bitter cry, at the mercy of a pure egoism that defeat a hypocrite egocentrism.

On the other side, the free will it also admits the possibility of self-destruct and therefore the possible damage to the notables, but everything is a risk when all there is deep down, is certainty. Either be that god does not play to the dice, either be that god does not have a fucking plan, and is giving stamps on the anthill, the final resolution, the change of diet, the qualitative jump and the metaphor that you want, it has been inevitably gestating, sometimes with awkward hurries, sometimes with indolent delays, but always in an uncontrollable advance, because this way we have dreamed it.