jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016

Quote 17

One looks at them from one side of the counter forgetting exactly that, that it has two sides; and that one day this counter seizes us of a side and that to the following one- more for biometrics that for another thing - will seize us from the other. The trick then is always to put yourself in the eyes of the one who is on the other side, and then is the seller who is looking from the eyes of the buyer, and the buyer is the one that examines the eyes of the seller, both, more correctly, emphatically, and more humanly. The humble pride takes place then of being able to learn of everyone.

Depending on what day of the year, and of what year of a decade, there are those who would like to be judged by the majority, to be then those who would not like to be nor seen by the same majority. The parents are, like this, the same way as a minority or majority; equally they constitute a unique entity of quality and quantity without many apparent options of any alteration. Here, the real mess consists on applying that thing about "that bad disciple who does not overcome its teacher’’, because bad parents usually generate new bad parents until, suddenly, someone breaks the genealogical tree and then we advance.

This to get rid of the tree, which well can be covered with an incomparable dramatism, it could also happen with the calm- although firmly - sequence with which the younger son leaves the family business of coffins and decides to enter in the business of ice creams. To go beyond the established thing, of the fixed thing, or said otherwise, to abandon the system of unreasonable repetition constitutes the first of the steps towards the generation of a "news" reality. Let's agree, here in the line, that to emulate is far of the traditional one ‘’copy/paste’’ that we inherit long before Windows. Or what seems to you?