martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

Quote 20

I don’t know why, but if I have to bet, I would bet that at the beginning she did it to attract attention, suddenly including in this position up to a playful touch; but after, on having obtained that attention, and possible without even being able to have foreseen it, arose that spark activated who knows what neurotransmitters system. Ever since, the necessity of conflicts it’s what it curves, and also what it makes him walk, distorting her mind to such a point that anyone who walks rectum seems terribly sick.

Opposite to this Kafkiana situation- because the one who is going to take her the food every day to the tower it’s me, and therefore the one who has to assume a humpback’s position of our lady of all jerks it’s me, in a way that my food its accepted without being spitted or yelled courses, as soon as she sees me- it is uphill to stay straight, at least morally. To hold the clean look facing the future, with the terrible weight that the present has now, leftovers full of carbohydrates, assumed postures that are not true and are not dreams.

Anyhow, as last of the resistances, beyond all alcohols, of drugs, of all vices and all the virtues, is the sympathy. That's where the soul makes possible foot making herself feel, and thereby expand until you find another alike. In the sympathy, first fraternity of nobles, it’s where it starts to grow and strengthen the rare seed of beauty; that seed that needed abundant dark to be conceived , and a barely describable loneliness  to begin the journey that never had a beginning and that will never end .