martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Quote 19

Imagine the roman circus in the times of Neron, this time with the half of the crowd encouraging the gladiators and, the other half, encouraging the Christians that, in this occasion are provided with equipment and military training. You arrive and at the ticket office they asked you “Christian or roman?”, so that when you take your place you can only shout with all your forces for your team.  Easy as that.  When two see the same moon is less difficult than when just one see two suns around a planet that the telescope do not recognize. To believe alone is the remarkable thing.

But this lonely faith, when it is based on a fundament that exceeds the reason, because it occur of one earlier blood, from the soul, barely attach by the word,  by the gesture of some syntax, and it becomes in the motor that moves the necessary steps to erase any initial cowardice; that faith ends up finding earlier than later all the reasons that it might be demanded by and in the sufficient levels, not only to hold itself, but to expand through anyone who wants to be part of the benefits of not shut the senses to the call that never cease or begins.

The damages, bigger or smaller, could happen without the pregnancy pain be all the terrible that the prophet predicted in his moment, especially for those who did not adore the delicacy of the precision that even the chaos presides. It does not cry then the master in front of the fall of the disciple who pretended to short the road, and even less to the tears for the wounds that he inflicted himself. Otherwise kindly and, as it corresponds, look after the ones who follow him, accomplishing with the law that it doesn’t stop inventing, for proper happiness and of who overcome it.