miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

The reason

False magic
Simple waste
But not pure
Premeditated pain.

A rose grows
Until it reaches the sky
That knows infection
And is full of regrets.

Then the grease in china dishes
The fatigue in the wrinkles
The children born and forgotten
For a memorized definition,

The slow steps of disgust
The tragic insult of art
And the poor human being
Tired of being a poor human being.

It is doubt that you exude – it seems -
A breath of lead
Named Hermes
Clean hands for ignoring
The mortal weight to be loaded.

And the criticism comes
From a prudent expression
Now in the distant past
That implied a break
Of that smile not foreseen.

But one who remembers
Goes observing what comes.

The day in numbers
And in names
In gestures
And inactions
And the possible or not accomplished dreams.

And at the end of the day
Where what counts
Could be what happened
Or what could happen tomorrow.

Appropriate styles
Crabs looking for skin
Gangrene in the soul
And expressing gratitude for everything

And not being happy

And keeping it as a secret
And hiding it as a wound
And concealing it as a fault
And chewing on it every day.

As not saying
As not listening
As not understanding
As pretending not to have lived

While the inner heart
Continues being corroded
As the bones find their fatigue
And your own hairs do not find their owner.

Even in anger
Even in rebellion
Even in the heels
Sickness is discovered

And in the nibble of hope

For the body that you bear
When the glowworms commit suicide
For the word that you can say
And you hush because it hurts your love.

Premonitions not moving you
Teeth and fears
Hands and weapons
The embrace and the escape
The time you learned to endure everything

Because it was not about you
But of your possibility
Because another was in it
Another who you guessed as unimaginable
But tangible like your affections

A part of the street
And the entire night
The coming of the days
And the patient sighs of the seas

So that you slowly see
The sign that without emotion
Suggests wakefulness
One more step even as if it were only
For being unconditionally faithful.