lunes, 2 de junio de 2014


Then, tenderness would be possible
Because already the soundness of its root
Implies the generosity of its memory
That will return to the point from which it came.

To understand that it is unnecessary to compare
To say that someone does not judge
And although one or other point can be false
You can try to believe it is true.

The detoxification is also completed
Returning a different calmness
Very different from the skilled force
Because in licentious the sense is twisted

Like the driving force of the air
That varies according to its speed
Like the visualization of the nucleus in an atom
In the thoughts of one walking across the mountains.

Less people and for it more public
The natural selection places them face to face
One talking and the other speaking
Joined by a message that seems not related to them

At the time of mundane expressions
Much further than a cruel tragedy
Or a comedy that naturally ends in marriage -
Where for a swimmer a drop is usually scorned.

Everything occurring because of a dependency on glasses
With which only past and possible experiences can be seen
And nothing surpassing the unlimited scope of imagination
The perfect escape for one who does not tolerate density.

And even then, the description of a need
Facing an explanation of its feeling
The ideology experienced and defended
The secret point not hidden anymore

Where one mask finally replaces the other
Basing its value not in its originality
But in the one who designed it
From the same time but with different glasses
Which do not serve to look outside but to see from inside.