miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

De se hi d ai

It was not necessary
To break down the door
Nor the skilled locksmiths
To put the code on the lock.

Gaining entrance in plain daylight
Avoiding the exhaustion of the impossible
Offering them everything they could acquire
Because fairness is nothing more that justice.

And he did not go
But he remained at a distance.

New suits were worn
Lost happiness returned anew
The winter seemed less cold
And each summer less torrid.

The gentle present expanded
In the simplicity of their thoughts
The things seemed so natural
And no cloud remained unveiled.

The plot was followed very closely
Observed without yearning.

Until the word was not fulfilled
Expanded its essence through the vessels
Hastening ages into each moment
Steeping crossroads of life in sunsets.

In depth of vision
Certain hostility seemed to arise
And in the compressed lips
Always, at night, an expression of sadness was perceived.

Beyond the walls
Her endurance persisted

Before the end they went so see her
Talking about the deeds
Telling her that her return was necessary
But all was in vain, as long since, she heard no more