domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

We either know it or not

We either know it or not

Then after they remained fatigued
The dialogues and the words they wanted to explain
And for the unfinished years that you could cross
Facing difficult battles during the day
And once the night comes you surrender to rest

Where you learned to imagine freely
In the space where what not wanted could occur
You only had to wake suddenly
And in recognizing familiar objects
Recall stealthily the fleeing sleep

Some sounds could have returned
That having been manifested in a convergence
They could not even silence in a given time
Or linger in the tiny space of earth
And they remained there, at the mercy of the air knowing them.

It is known that traces…
But also new signs
A precision that although glimpsed
Still did not reach the dimension taken
Deepening the marks of each step in which it expressed.

Having understood some displacements,
The dramatic art for which in a resolute development
A certainty accepted includes the freedom of a doubt
In a spiral playing at mathematical limits
In which only once deprivation is understood

Starting to ponder a state acquired
Not so much passing from one extreme to another
Or weakening forces for whatever reason
But to meditate stroke by stroke
The last intention of each proposed or accepted struggle

The description beyond its fair or unfair expression
Fits according to the possibilities to a fatal puzzle
That started imposing an almost absolute denial
Letting only the imagination as a purpose in a groove
For which he would have to accept to understand

Examining your way in life
In small but intense segments
In such a way that the simple becomes confused
And the confusion is complied of simplicity
When finally to isolate is not the same as to separate.

The drop sweating the glass
The one who washes the eyes in the morning
The one starting the sweet run of the rain
The one who alone becomes the first daring to plunge in the sea
And the one who searches for its mate to become fuller

Details as small crystal pieces
So that the grace of someone bearing them
Is not based in a proud exhibition
But in the capacity of humility
To shine still more effortlessly radiating translucence.

Behead the intention of recognition
Dismissing the exhalation of such an intention
At the same side of a round table – allowing the center-
And not from the other extreme as generally occurs
When somebody leads by ignoring how to guide.

Farther and with more effort
With more victims and more results
With more sacrifices and more rewards
With more time and more space
For courage of a life that pretends to be great.

As he can and knows
Squeezing sorrows in his heart
Forming smiles from sights
Forgetting without wanting any maps
That refers to climbs and leaps to give

It also measures the pulse
Of the scream still present
Of distant crimes
Where the body has been
For having being faithful.

A known time for sighs
Where somebody wanted to include
Much more that he can do
Because forgiveness also passes
The power to demand something more

Until you reach expectations but not as foreseen
That day is not opposed to the night
In a shape in which consciousness rests
Of one who is laboring with a hidden smile
Because behind the eyes there is more visualized than seen

No plans exist that are not secret
Since nothing subsist without implicating the absolute
As nothing that has its place stops existing
In the quiet clamor of one who inclines his head
To receive the love that will be rewarded.

Here or there

We either know it or not
Where those who do not need evidence laugh
When to lose a lot was necessary
To gain the probability of an instant

In which everything is all right
In the future that will really be another day
In which finally an end will not exist
Nor the trace of having persisted
Only the air on the edge of the mystery of fire.