jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

The queries

The queries

What are you going to say?
When after forcing her
They have snatched without shame
What she wanted most
On order, does it make her feel more important?

How are you going to heal her with explanations?
The wounds that hurt each piece of skin
When she knows she was born without blemish
And the ones she has now are not for what she was
But, are they those who saw her grow?

What words are you going to say?
When in her most hidden honesty
You find yourself in a deserted street
At the end of which the moon can not be seen
Reflecting the last attempt at heat

With what hands would you touch her?
After knowing where, her body has rested
The night when she believed in something that was not
And nobody had the force to stop her
Or make her change her refuge.

Of what book will you speak?
When you finally rest your eyes on her
And what you see is not an unbelievable sadness
But a pure intense joy, intense and constant
Ready to be smothered in her still lusting skin.

When everybody arrives and they are all present
What would you do to distinguish and separate her?
When you have never been in the court
Where they are going to wait for the sentence of the stars
Those people, did they ever enjoy un undeserved gift?

And when among mindless trembling
Manifesting the intensity of her fears
What protection could you offer her?
After so many years traveling in warmth
Without ever having written even a verse to bitterness.

And when you are informed of her intentions
And necessarily compare them with yours
What are you going to do to feel the reality again?
As in that time where the rain was only water
When the air long ago or now does not imply her name

I ask you something that I should not
With respect to your being that nobody would wonder
So that somebody contradicts me
And make my eyes shine showing that I am mistaken.

I bet to the musical notes
Pretending I have been there
To see what happens
When the music stops
And what could be no more than can be seen.