miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014



Sometime before
I also believed
That in the morning
The flowers never lie

Once I wanted to be here
And have permanence
At least in one heart
That could predict the impossible.

It was my habit
To ask for a lot
And still give more
So that I can dream with just a little.

But at the end I confronted the wall
And from it I learned the sacrifice
From the friendly hand of betrayal
And from what I am what I could have been.

And I continued separating
Fears and tinted glasses
The accuracy of the dates
And the loyalty of misfortune.

I opened myself to another world
And forgetting about me
Misleading my memory
In the clouds of the past.

I started to go
Without permitting evidence
To perturb my mind
Until I left them behind.

Once in the center
I wanted to return
And although what I saw was the same
I was not the same observing it.

Without anymore steps
Than those I would give
Without anymore coins
From those that I would gain
I smiled slowly saying her name.