viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Resignation or not

Resignation or not

Like a pain that you did not expect
You found an explanatory solution
You allotted some time, a few days to the almanac
Knowing that it would not be enough for the lie.

Of one you said idealist of the other opportunist
Living your part in judgment
The hidden minutes when you decided
The consequence of your past actions
When finally they left you to say what you wanted.

And not as they wanted
And not as you should
And not as you yearned
And not as you preferred

But the heart
With a little anger
And a little faith
Like those who do as they like

But not as those who love -
In a game of chance
And the fortune able to be won
With a place where it can not be lost.

For the revenge, of his intention
For the sunrise that does not belong to him
To whom you want to reprimand
To the one who asked and you denied

That day when the limits were crossed
Not only for doing
But for performing it
Without any reason.

So you realize that somebody knows
What you plan and what you hide
Like arms lifting a child
In order to refuse writing a letter 

Where he says what he wants to
Not matter who wants what
Because what he wants seems to be a little more
Than what the other desires
Like an animated thing among puppets
Whose stings suspects with terrible clarity.

The page opened to things happening
Electricity that explains the feeling
Electrons ignoring the memory
And the air shared with somebody unknown
But it is, like a dog when its owner has died.

Breaking down of many moments
Created between days and nights
Where nightmare and illusion came together
To converge in the human plexus
That without giving them sense, will offer them shelter.

The yellow and the black
As there is no restrained crying
For a handful of true kisses
When all of them depart
Leaving as a reminder just one
The image of teeth one biting another.

They disrupted the meeting in their certainty
This gave forth hope from a worthless source
Which accepts and enjoys disorder of its own kind
Of someone who will stop embracing virtue
The same pillow on which the one he wants will not sleep.

That appears before dawn
That under the belly but above the eyebrows
What he stretches while smiling
Wanting but not happy.

That in a relative pronoun
When forked without reason
Leaving signs in the end
As if were so simple at the beginning.

Just like reading a book
And then telling
To one who wants to know
To tell what he knows

And not pursuing
As one converting a lot into a little
Knowing that the waiting is eternal
But caring her name
Because it is better knowing that you are just passing.