lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Cruel butterfly

Cruel Butterfly

They will talk to you about their days
Telling you honestly
Expressing as they can
The emotions that from inside
Are not lies and that also fashion them.

They will tell of a clear absence
Where even the hinges of the windows
Vacantly wait
And the tiles still trying to preserve their brightness
Painfully recalling the lightness of your steps.

Perhaps they mention a stifling deviation.
Of some hours before a unpleasant dream
The trembling voice that does not reach your ears
And knowing its weakness of warrior energy
Pledges its human desire to endure one more night.

Asking if, many of them will remember you
So they can summons you spreading nets
And at least as you pass through their memory
Serve them as a brief distraction
To continue moving together with the caravan.

With regard to my eyes
I know that they will perceive
And I will be the one to understand
The deep anxiety that they can cause
As I also know those things that you decided to ignore.

For those things in life
I arrived a little, just a little before
And I continued until the day after
Where everyone even if they did or did not
Reflected the desire of return on their faces.

But somebody must pay the price
Of the distance and of difficulties not resolved
Someone must carry what he wants without selection
And others want with great desire
One and another being there pretending to make you happy
Without considering that the fire only attracts some butterflies.