viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

But for a leap

But for a leap

After three centuries
He could not reduce the hurry
That always marked his steps
And the speed of his eyes
When he examined the spaces.

With blows he had been forged
Like one who endures waiting
Completely devoid of patience 
But passively understanding the rhythm
That makes you see the approach of the turtle as much as of the cheetah.

One hour is not much
Because the preceding ones
Breathed among perfumes
Of those who did not know the essence
That involved the sacrifice of petals.

Even though since dawning he was attracted
By the fire that denied expression
Perhaps to shape him still more
To the form of weapon with which he lives
Waiting without letting him to show his teeth.

The calm is becoming more profound
The tension preparing its roar
Under orderly tiles
Behind closed windows
Above scarce clouds.

Before her vague shadow
All the others crackle in their flight
Treacherously extending time
Launching interior emptiness
To those lamenting their last decline.

From deep within he tries to smile
But he is not ready for innocence any more
Destroyed are the illusions and the human piety
Only steeliness seems to remain
To become a faithful dog, a dagger its companion.

It will be attempted to disturb him
But it will be a poor effort
Such as one who tries
And as one who sees
The distorted vanity of his acts

The word obsesses him
As wolves do to young shepherd
Opening the danger of ephemeral
Where for a simple expression at an improper moment
Could even cause a pigeon to bleed

With the countenances of those who have been there
Although not active but present
Loading the necks with irons
Listening attentively to the excuses of others
Trying to see something more than can be reached

It is painful for him to be there
Without anything is ultimately completed
Because what is known of lasting air
And a little is known of what it wanted
It will be everything if he dies that night

But there are no certainties
Not of his life or death
And between one and another seizing form inside
To the stage of forgetfulness
For the likely continuous outcome
For which with a leap the senses are attained