viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

The phalange

The phalange

We are going to explain it with a thousand stories
We are going to adapt everything to a fable
We are going to tell them clearly about the darkness
We are going to try to make it simple.

We will try to dismiss the concept
Finding a fair symbolism just for the frogs
And taking off stones from the mountain that keeps the tragedy
Establishing always the same arrival order.

We will create a labyrinth
Offering the way out
And a dark sea of imagination
From which we will save someone who is going to wreck.

We will name everything again
With new words and building those never heard before
Making them bright as gold
For the empty eyes of our best shepherd.

We will offer a warm shelter
Of millions of past things
That having occurred or not
They will be useful for the cripple to walk
But maybe not to arrive.

We will avoid wisely and sensibly
All kind of messages
And we will give the information once and again
For the work that continues in spite of those who already know.

Our work will be different
As we live in matter
And it is going to be essential
Because we will not allow audacious decisions
That sometimes directs the behavior of hopeless persons.

We are going
We are going to do our best
Because we do not have the power to create
Because we do not have inheritance to obtain
Or use it as allowed.

After all
Nobody will say us anything
Because the time would already have past
And a word can only be painful at a time.