jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Life and death

Life and Death

Do not say that you gnashed your teeth
That the rain drove you to the darkness
That being able to keep your treasures
That from everything that happens you gain something.

They saw you running to battle
They heard your voice trying to suppress a scream
Knowing that you complied with the law during the day
And that behind the door you hid what you wanted.

Do not say that you have exposed yourself
That you did not consider what the others found
That you never respected the limits
Of the men, of God or not even your own.

See death is slow and sometimes mute
Not like the children who still trust
In the person who bears the power to make them cry
And in one who cleans them with tenderness and freshness.

Do not say what is divided
That you already do not belong to this world
Only because you await a reward
That you were not able to get because your feet were sunk in the mud.

None of your laments remained unheard
Nobody ignored the wrinkles under your eyes
And each time you replenish your intelligence with excellence
Since the beginning it was registered.

See life is slow and sometimes mute
Like the person who endures it
And not like those who believe in promises
Or in facts and other things that the air reflects.

The difficult mystery of resistance
Beyond what keeps it in motion
And of any kind of conviction
Of any riddle at the beginning or the middle of the years -
It will produce a silent perception
To find a fissure in the destiny
That you will avoid if you can
The best you have
That is the story of your doubts defeated by each step.