martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Just partially

Just partially

Slowly or rapidly
She never cared about the time
Evaluating her temporary options
And opening her way in loathing.

Claims of other people affected her
And she answered them with a complaint
Reacting normally
And reached her solitary state.

Sowing as the seeds that she scattered
Distancing from someone who talks
And of whom she is talking about.

Noticing her difficult life
That some approve and others not
But nobody classifies it as narrow
Because neither shadow nor light give not proof of companionship.

Pretending certain closeness
That is only known as curiosity
Such as the image of someone scrutinizing a secret
Not to know but to tell it.

The ankles become lighter following him
The fragile combination of flesh and bones
Which are able to impose their voice on the soul
Fearing the jump that could transform them into wings.

The hours of the clock
Or the shade of a tree
From the sparing to the limit
From the extremes of a complete explanation

Someone who leaves time to do his work
Always sure that immediately
The public will response in doubt
In the middle of emotion that for its intensity
Does not know which direction to take.

More years and years more
The grey cape covering the shoulders
Of someone who only sees water in the rain
And in water sees only hydrogen and oxygen
And in each molecule only part of what it gone.