miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Eternal return

Eternal return

Without value after deserving a very high price
And remaining in the memories of others
But without regret
For not reminding nothing more than anybody.

The kaleidoscope positioned a little behind
The brute violence with deviated expressions
Mature innocence and pure poison
Like sand grains in a hot beach
In a time where shortcoming found its end.

The insolent explanation like hard chords
Holding the veil intended to draw
Or the relaxed face in its obesity
And the aged body for the short time left
Where the responsible eyes do not look any more

Coming and leaving from the warm breeze
Marking the speed points
Creating their curves in the space
Always going out from the foreseen plane
And allowing the return to the space of other affections.

Then, as if were a romantic perspiration in the skin
As the candle flames at midnight 
What could persist in a postponed book?
And the contained bubble depending on the lips.

Not being able to return in facing the end
Because whatever the way can be
Definitely ignores the walker
Plenty of scarcities that surpasses him but for the first time
He feels strong in front of nothing.

The plot and its actor
Expressing through the trembling and bleeding mouth
When it tries to pronounce the name
That in his dreams can move him.

And the dream broken in pieces
Distressing the situation
Where he found the blessed image
Of an unknown person until then not considered
Who was leaning to see what can be done.