viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014



Objective accomplishment implies a battle
And the battle clouds the goals
The other side of the shore
And the river that drowns in crossing it

Do not say no to one who intends
But to his intentions
As one who offers his life
For somebody who will die anyway.

After the hospital
The scarcity again
In the intent to save the man
The physician forgets other men.

The kiss for which you pay a price
With one or more coins
Or by getting drunk
With any kind of beverage.

For the idea to offer a gift
Or to do a task
And see if they can be delivered
Without giving them a value

The thing you wanted to receive
To transform the comedy
As a law of physics establishes
And as affirms a law of nature.

And not because there is in excess
Or for being abundant
But on the contrary
Because it is based on scarcity patterns

Because in the arduous is not the difficult
Like the poor action of casting pearls before swine
Considering that the abyss
Can only produce a sad smile
As the image of some who finds value in a little stone

As in the fragile expression
When you renounce to a trophy
Like one who concede a story
Having been part of it
And does not belong to it any more.

More streets or fewer streets
The morality of the societies
The mark that leaves education
For the same chalice of incomprehension.

And the altar so beautiful
And the song so nice
And the other people bodies
And the grave that waits for them.

As if it were unknown
That a scream is not more than a sound
That a word is not more than a miracle
Causing the comfort that nothing can ever be the same.