martes, 18 de febrero de 2014



When in the hospitals

The screams of pain arise

And they all move together

To break against the window

When the girls look at you

Those who live in the streets

Making their living in prostitution

Coming to your door but not inside.

When in each Abbey

After questions and answers

Implying to establish a time

The expression of novices wonder.

Although they are not lost

The features of your hands

When they look for the pills

Made up by milligrams

They do not give up

Like the reality of fishermen

As the evening effort of the bricklayers

And the smell of food prepared by some mothers

And however there is something

That without forgiving anything

Seems to reconcile everything

It exists without conscious demand

Making the mystery of expectation.

When the hand of two enemies

Are shaken under a false smile

And millions of people are involved in it

Without having the possibility to express

When you turn your around

From someone you wanted to embrace so much

Making the fingers of the victim

The blades that will tear your heart

When the most cherished

For being the most protected

Becomes eternally fragile

It ends broken by the action of cruelty

Tears are not forgotten

Those you poured by someone who lived

And you did not suffer his departure

But the impossibility to retain him

They are not lost with any excuse

As the goat giving birth to twins

Or the water bordering the mountains

Accepting what exists to change it

And anyway there is enough

To dismiss all controversy

And without postponing or canceling it

Like a coincidence of beats in two hearts

Although they never reflected each other.