lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

And she wants

And she wants

I know and I accept
The night carpet
The way it becomes a bed
Its confident silence
And the trace you leave in it.

My hands know how to manage
The space without your hours
The dissatisfaction and the ashes
When my thoughts remember your shadow
Projected on the candle flames.

There is no comedy in the tacit opinion
When your voice is not listened sometimes
Although being very necessary
It does not generate any kind of anxiety
And nothing impedes me of examining your sight.

In the stream of simplicity
Where there is no space for great vessels
The warm clarity of facts
Abstained to bright or give its heat
Everything happens and it always includes you.

And then you go
And my hope is focused on your return
And in the way that I will embrace you then
While I feel an infinite anguish for this longing
That always asks and does not obtain any response.

The castle built with cards
And the house of dolls
The knot that wants to stop a destiny
And the goat that does not look for the mountain
Different nights for the same days.

Since you ignore the magic you possess
In the cadence of each of your movements
I measure the wine with water
And then I give vacations to despair
Enfolding softly without pretending any kind of thought.

For that something that you want
And in that something as years ago
For me it is easy to imagine as I am there
For the persistence focused in acceptance and appreciation
That at least I will be near of reality if I am mistaken.