sábado, 4 de enero de 2014

Who knows

Who knows?

Better when everybody says that is impossible
So your affirmations reflect your experience
And finally not only being an intended theory
Leaving behind a dream and embracing the reality.

Continue in predicting season changes is convenient
Just to heap tedious mountains for the future astrologist
Because the people support time in its undecipherable condition
And the selfish can end up building their protection wall.

For a good reason you should let complaints to vanish
And step by step glimpse the time in the dimness
The body rhythm accompanied by the ancestral melody
That in its unique compass continues playing in harmony.

A tender touch and maturity
Combines in the womb of a loved, pregnant woman
Who still ignores that within her womb Achilles already throbs
And the hands of the smith who for a moment finds peace in himself.

Two identical pans of an accurate scale
Both supporting the same weight
Until one of them starts to suspect
That the other conspires with intentional purpose.

Even though it is not exact
The pretended is not blindness
New senses are discovered
To scrutinize things not perceived before.

Better is the hustle and bustle of bees
The impressive concentration
Of millions of thousands of them focused on something
So that just two or three – perhaps ten – carry on the task.

After all, what is the difference if you arrive or not
If either way, you will not be able to find any answers
All would be in vain, but above all to continue with life
With the grimace of someone accepting but not giving in
Not daring to continue a decade or more with only illusion as fuel.

But in the meanwhile there must be permission
For something to all of them at least as it was in the orphanage
Once a year a ball was given to a boy and a doll to a girl
To reduce their time by the length of period that something lasts.