miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Weariness and solace

Weariness and solace

Not distinguishing between the simple and the complex

From a title of two words that are judged

Manifesting fullness in the world of forms

But warm and somehow sad in thoughts

In the actual process of breathing for another

In which both heaven and hell

Also have different intensities

But are fused in complimenting equals

If it were not a promise

But at least a condition

Like tools for the farmer

When he looks at the land to evaluate his responsibility.

And all the possible plays

And above all the cruel ones

For the known situation

Of a pre-established unity

And everyone wishes to stand out

As if something was actually done 

Because it is normal have lived in disdain

And it is difficult to control the desire for revenge

While the purpose does not have clarity

In confronting the endeavor to attempt an evaluation

Of each part done by another

Expanding and not reducing it to a modest teaching

So that greatness does not burden

Or forgetting no little thing

Accepting everything and nothing

The male, the female and their Gods

As the air and the world is accepted

Becoming a frame that does not enclose

Where there is more than a part projected

That has started in what is called time

Something that remains as a thought

Such as a splinter that is stuck in the skin

That was not pulled out but delayed

And at times returns painfully

In the inaction of someone who endures

For not paying the appropriate attention

More necessary during the first steps

Than in the last possible to be given

Because the way in which you begin

Usually directs the rest of the journey

Unless you make the necessary corrections

Between one line of expression and the other

Expressing a radiant purity above normal

Reflecting in deeds the law not read

But because it have been observed

Does not cause weariness but solace.