martes, 14 de enero de 2014

The question

The question

In your smallness you realize
That one who wants to transform you in a giant
And carries the name you have
And bear the face you can see
When you raise your chin and look in the mirror.

And you imagine that it has already passed
As a buried suspicion
Feeling so much pain for the opinion of others
Where the value of values is focused
And for it the bond in the hands that support it.

And the cigarette and the cruel kiss
The bottle finished and the body that is starting
The retrospection that wants to revive oblivion
Such as the learning before what you want to learn
The school of contempt and that of humanity side by side.

The circle of the imagination
Could be destroyed
The beginning that marks the end
The genetics and the revelations
Yours the only voice in the throng.

New and better
The pitch on the steel cables
The first callus on the fingertip
Paging through a text that somebody else wrote
At a different time but when the need was the same.

When in another human body
Could also be conceivable
The idea you share with the air
The steps that you generously yield to your shadow
The passage of your history on an island that conveys uncertainty.

The agility and persistence
The rotation that only you notice
When they yell left, right, and center
And you see the stress of who is deciding
To be or not to be what can be attained in solitude.