lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Sep hi d ai

Sep hi d ai

At dawn and in the cold

At the edge of an old pool

That is still in the dimness

Reads the big book of despair

Now, not regretting any losses

Or the barks of the dog exited by his arrival

The first doors are widely opened

As the power coursing through his stomach.

And even joy does not stop him for a moment

As not even the convergence of imagination and facts

That instantly defeats time in almanacs

Sailing through the air that his father also breathed.

Once in a while it seems that he exists

Allowing him to look without observing

Seizing with the intention to showing

Escaping from himself, hidden deep within an idea,

Or he talks to the air that he breathes

While he endures the presence of others

Tolerating the interruption of the world

Whose duty sometimes causes the end.

If you were a buyer of time

How much could you keep in your pocket?

And what amount would you pay for the promise?

Like one who designed the mountain but then

Who perversely stole the particle attributed with courage?

When you start waiting again

Because you know what you are doing

As there has been an explosive victory

But now is only the cane that he leans on

But not depending on him

As does not depend on the message

Or the way in which it is transmitted

Just as freedom does not depend on liberators.

Developing in his persistence

And one of these days we will not see him anymore

He will leave without going

Like a cloud that passes

Leaving the momentary shadow as an indelible remembrance.