miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Relative pronoun II

Relative pronoun II

What could you endure?
If it is not with grace
What could you overcome?
Without defeating yourself.

Something I would like more than anything
But only for loving you so much
And you would surrender as none other
But not because you ignore the way to go.

What is following on the sounds of the music?
And for not knowing creates repetition
As the reason supports each decision
And for it, any kind of madness would only be temporary.

What appeals to your memories?
Why is what you have not enough?
Requesting only the possible
Because what you judge impossible frightens you.

For being naked they are not seen
But in their ignorance they know timidity
Of a very high and very distant goal
For the brief body focusing all its vision on a star.

There is no intention without purpose
Although sometimes sincerity is not expressed
And many times it comes too late
Only to be understood gradually with time.

That everything is true and sometimes real
So that each one can continues dreaming
And in the limit of all limits
Rests smiling, the accusing finger of one believing he knows.

One who tires her eyes
By demanding others to follow the road
Without recognizing her selfishness
And wanting to impose the others response.

That the air is not eternal
And even though it seems good
My life is like yours
Brief, and can change for being like it is.