viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

Other interests

Other interests

Shortening distances, that is all
It does not matter what happens to me
Or who wants to run away from me
Or whoever stops on not finding me.

Nothing seems the same as years before
The same things that produced unchangeable situations
Even though this could be the right price
Because which remains could always be better

The truth is that the target is moving
And each improvement of the archer
Only serves to make the prey smile
Looking behind while it sidesteps all the approaches.

On the contrary I would ask you to think of me
And to consider me as no one else did
And then force me in the way you can,
To introduce a part of me into your thoughts.

But the air is what moves me
And in accessing the beauty you convey
I search for the one who created you
More than the person who bears his work.

Although it is also true that we are old
That what I say would not be true without experience it
That, for example I still see your legs             
As years before when they opened as doors to my desires.

But one of us who is now concerned with other things
For not having changed so much
One of us started between two pillars
Our own, and another with our family influence.

Despair is different
But is the same as hopelessness
Passion does not extend but goes deeper
Searching for only one desire and sacrificing the others.

And the lips that are sealed
Because the whole day they were uttering
From the first greeting of the day
To a proposed drink far into the night
When criticism rushes to lash ignorance without pity.