lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Once more

Once more

Easy seems to the best
To others it causes desperation
Being difficult to know if the attitude
Directs or is part of the result.

The mystery of confrontation
The stress or relaxation from the moment before
With the fear that finally
Resentment arises in a slip
For the price paid for only the intention.

Because until it becomes a fact
Everything is nothing more than “the before”
And in its own development
Can be fast or slow according to each one.

When a departure is imposed
Considered as the only way even if there is not
For having been found through effort
Almost by tragic implication of total exhaustion.

When the opportunity is given to the warrior
To close his eyes before temptation becomes the only option
Or resist a little more even if he wants to give in
To see if he really can control or transform within
Or at least preserve the life blood in its own vessel.

A crucial instant in which each word can affect the years to come
Because in all years past they existed for this moment
And that something transforming what all movement implies
In the memory that demands sacrifice of every immediate reward.

When breathing in deeply but this time modestly
The asphyxiating air suffocating those not belonging to their surroundings
And receive in it a very positive lesson
The calm in facing a storm, even if sadness dwells in it.

Accomplishment is impossible without faith
For one who is materialistic but aspires to heaven
As irrelevant is for those who live happy in dungeons
Replete of bodies that can overcome misfortune.

Going ahead, deciding to advance or not in the battle
Considering when one must be stronger
And when the enemy sees himself weaken
And once more the indomitable drive looking for the force that guides it.