domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Oc hi d ai

Oc hi d ai

A man sealed his lips

For every word that not included him

And he has decided to start tomorrow

Toward the land where all has surrendered.

Delivering as it should be

For the good sense of his will

Accepting the deficiency of the elements

When he fell and touched dust with his forehead for the first time.

During the plague and after the recovery of certain victims

Making the books and battles their permanent home

Weakening absences and pieces that did not fit

Continually groping the distance between two moments

Without the belief that defends the devoted

With the indefinable such as duty

And not as a yoke that releases from responsibilities

Going along many paths that show the different possibilities.

Sinking his sandals in the slippery sand

Adapting the soles of his feet to the rock

Flexible to the future and strong in the present

Denying to his heart all intention of false calm.

Explaining his story

Narrating it among strangers

Without any apparent purpose

And without the opinion of any disciple

Or the pressure of any master

Although he was always dreaming of a sunset

That occurs step by step

Complying with the extreme reality of returning

Seeming as it arises even more than any possible comprehension

When at the door they are still awaiting you

Having the purpose to leave

That in some way it indicated his return

So that in any part of the path

Certainty was abandoned for vanity

And then suspicious would be confirmed

Rather than forging hope in the most virtuous

For someone who already lives through faith.