jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Line of defense

Line of defense

Defeating fear cannot be taught

Not before you have been through it

As many times as necessary

To make your skin an impenetrable shell.

And fear remaining within generates another fear

Melting your armor

And intensifying concern without justification.

Dark screams in poorly illuminated streets

Lions that roar their longing for the jungle

Among little men condemned to a salary

Born from little women that adore their destiny.

Capable but reluctant attempting to imbed their claws

In something more than a narrow or broad back

As if the final purpose of all the affections

Have to be limited by law to a unique pile of bones.

The land where pity is cultivated

Will be sown with unfairness

So that the innocent pays for its innocence

And the guilty pretends to delay a time that does not exist.

Opposing thoughts always emerge at a crucial moment

Surprising everybody sooner or later

With the legs still strong and thirsty

Or the heart almost putrid with so much ignominy

Someone known who has been part of you

In a open or hidden way

But whose concern was not accepted

Simply for the fear of pure loneliness

Someone who offers to every human being

The supreme right of ambition

Becoming a simple and precise instrument

From which the ineffable intention slips

Clothed in a great spiral in space

And a haze of color and light

More rigid still than the first impression

But being able to show her claws

When the imagination of one accepting it

She can focus on what will be her first line of defense.