viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Her experiencies

Her experiences

Considering different schools

Hidden under sidewalks of other cities

That bleeds the wounds to clean the pus

Determining the stump that needs to be sealed

Measuring hopelessness and absolutions

While caressing the rebel contour

Of a beast imagined and cherished

That accompanies the thoughts forever

Among insanity, sentiment and emotion

And in good sense, the summit that knows it will not be

Demonstrating in a simple lesson

That everything is necessary beyond reality.

Part of her story or perhaps just a brief part

Has passed within human embraces

Existing the possibility that it have not occurred

Thanks to the tender confusion that her story conveys

Those who pretend to keep in their memories

While their everyday life goes on

When the skin aspired to be loved

Because deeper intentions are banished

Removing all the brightness and the radiance

From the expressions that demonstrate reason

Searching the explanations for the extremes

Perhaps not found in the origin or the end.

After the date of birth occurs

There is one for the first kiss

And another for the first funeral

Without anything that can replace them.

Our own natural impulses

Always conveys the urgency of the condition

The vision that foresees

The consciousness acknowledging it

After the exhaustion in conceiving equilibrium

Avoiding the violation of the force

And still then goes forward vigorously

Like the dagger of the Persian not belonging

To the forger or the bearer

And so radiates the desire of its owner

That perhaps never put a finger on it

But centering his thoughts on it

Transformed all the others to bearers

As a message that should be deciphered in time.

And so the air touches

Foretelling the heat

Granting the right to play

With the vapors of its experiences.