miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

The coin

The coin

Light in the air
Practicing with shadows
Feeling the body
Appreciating the emptiness.

The scent of a desire
Over full goblets
The heart and the clouds
Are connected to the eyes that observe.

Afterwards, behind the door
Of the tragedy of one who knows
And the one who would have to live
Without giving compensation to the helpless.

In only one moment of attention
Where years of effort are created
The patience and enthusiasm
The faith and reason, shoulder to shoulder toward the same thing.

More variables and more intensity
Different trees of the same forest
Where they are not cut down but sown
Like a child who does not want to empty the sea

But rather attempts to fill it more
Because whether he could accomplish it or not
He feels he can
And for him the intent is enough.

The shelter of chosen words
Less spontaneity but more precision
The knuckles that do not hurt when punched
For immediate and direct results.

Because each minute that you are aware of your existence
Becomes a commitment, chain or cross
Which you decide will restrict or expand
To access or not the power of clarity

For the means by which it was done
There is more and more of your moving force
And although the world denied it a little warmness

It continues open handed in confidence that you will return.