jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Sex hi d ai

 Sex hi d ai

She talked to me about hell
As I was too young
She dared to talk me regarding it
And I accepted all she said.

She also talked to me about her life
Saying that was as life occurs
And although I listened attentively
I understood very little.

Then when a few years later
I realized that I was not there
Even when the earth was created
Or when the poles were filled with ice.

I visited many writers
Magicians and priests
And forgetting myself
I made them believe the opposite.

I remember all the marks
Of confusions of errors
And with more strength I say the contrary
And in committing errors I seek companionship rather than opposition.

As no one will give me back the time
Although I never demanded it to anybody
In this present time and in its way
Because the past projects the future.

Useless is to be missed by someone
Even if ingratitude and incomprehension hurts
They temper you more than any book
Because one defending needs more faith than one who attacks.

While a child was dying of diphtheria
Another talked to me from heaven
And seeing that I smiled
He talked more and said less.

The point is different, talking does not mean living
Some things change so that others remain
Quantity always counts with quality
And the immensity in each one of us is like power

That only needs to be guided in its use.