domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

Seeds of an infant

Seeds of an infant

And although it was in flesh
The rare conviction of which
One rule acquires the power to break another
Converting the man who possesses it

A witness of difficult decisions
While new things try to break the old
And with a promised pleasure
When is able to reach the expressed goal.

The truth is debated in dimness
For the concepts acquired through great endeavor
With a share of talent, predestination and will
That each one dares to possess during his dark night

While others are already riding on gigantic shoulders
Employing the chain of those looking for truth
Dividing links between those who repeat or multiply
Giving support in battles that tense muscles and in a lesser way the soul.

The compromising word to an infant
Painting the spectacle of humanity
When he accomplishes what normally would be impossible
To build certainty or simply accomplish a goal.

With morality as a passion
And each opposed thing as an exercise
Finding in our own prison
The limits of the cell of others.

The owner that becomes a slave of his slaves
The object that creates dependence on the subject
And the glance that captures the next moment
Looking the eyes of someone who is starting to learn.

Temptations of rage with hands still open
After assuming the extreme ease with unfairness
That opens and closes in each moment of distraction
That nullifies the necessary omission that offers beauty to the deed.

Facing daylight with no answer to the desired support
And with very few scant years
And the same sea for the rest of a life
And the seed of complete understanding within

That will sprinkle with blood each day that is left.