martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013



Shortening distances
Of nervous impulses
Following the wave
To fall in ice.

In the submissive order
Before each sliding step
Levitating without realizing
Living with probabilities.

And the air that bears
After the daylight is gone
As if the world were guilty
Of its already empty bag of illusion.

Changing the sounds
Creating concern
The essential bodily movement
That conveys rhythm to the one observing it.

The unfamiliar land
That enchants in stepping it
Like a forbidden place
For the scent of the most feared hunter.

And what you guard from the night
When tomorrow you go out again
To write a little of your history
In the noise of what you do not know how to name.

The smoke is lost without witnesses
With no trace or any purpose
The emptiness then is not reckoned
And is already little what matters.

Two suns face to face
Identical in everything
And a point awaiting for them
Capable of making them explode.

And what will your friends say
When you appeal to them
And they have no more for your heart

Other than empty words.