miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

And you change

And you change

And organizing parties when others suffer
But something grieved their hearts at seeing smiles
And they never care about any music
And although some of them read books they never value them.

And after walking all they could they decided
But time was not enough as they moved in circles
Without perceiving that the light was slowly fading
And they beat on some doors which only increased their fears.

And who knows why, but they persisted in their way
Now already becoming part of an anchor in an abyss
As suspected that perhaps they would understand later
And maybe in realizing it they did not discover how to ask for help.

We should think on it and not judge
Trying to see the origin, the way and the end
Of each muddy print that each step leaves
Noting similarities and differences perhaps reflected in a mirror.

From the screams that war provokes
From the bent knees of marionettes
To the fingers of someone moving threads
And the mind of one who believes he has the whole truth.

Quiet is anger when understanding is clear
And all bitterness and resentment are uprooted
The body is free of fat and the soul is launched to its goal
To accommodate lust as the situation demands.

Because dependency only secures a greater weakness
Or more futility than ignoring what to do to help others
Just like there is nothing stronger than a faithful person acts
Or more freedom than attained in services devoted to people

One who doubts of justice can not ignore the beast
And one, who pretends falls in the middle of the eternal path
Abandoned by reason and forgotten by force
At the mercy of time enduring misfortune forever.

The way in which everything passes
As every movement passes perceptibly
But some things change

As what you see when you look at someone observing you.