domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

The girl II

The girl II

Not knowing and still ignoring
She said two or three sudden words
The girl reaches deep in my heart
And in my eyes she analyzes the dimension of her life.

Air does not cease, it is scarce
When she is away
Her absence seems like a stone
And its weight can only be endured by the promise of her return.

Why is everything so serious with her?
That foundation demands culmination
And each arrow must have a precise target
Because it was given in answer and blessing
As perfect light is given to an unskilled painter.

In the middle of my throat, which many times was blamed
She knots a band that only tears can loosen
And tightens so much taking each fiber to its limit
And life becomes like sea and sky fused in a mountain.

Fragility, when someone feels that others know more
And walks between mirages of respect
Returning smiles as what you keep inside is not known –
And as strong as someone who instinctively knows
That is not enough to impose directions, but just suggest them.

Taking the risk of persevering in this timelessness
Thankful for a few desires thinking of her name
Making my thoughts spin again and again
The painful joy of the reality of her life
To see if I can attain what I intend,

Time without moments
Happiness without description
The verb without sentence
The bottomless shape.

And then I will sit down
To see how the girl is enduring
In her own spiral
And also her unique rapturous carrousel.

Finally she chases me
And she subdues me without delicacy
With just a glance she broadens my heart
Pressurizing me to be what she wants

Letting me know that she already perceives the distance.