jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Cu hi d ai

Cu hi d ai

Saying that he returns everything gave to him
That he only loves somebody who loves him
And all they taught of him was little
That someone who ignores is not guilty
And as far as he knows he is limited.

When in his unskilled hands
He supports as he can those of his son
Who did not learn to live and scores death
Thus how one and another human receive the seeds
With the most hostile resentment or humiliating acceptance.

Physicians are destined to love the world as their only option
And sentiment is not enough as neither is the knowledge they could have
The needs are above, inside and besides
For all those who want to overcome their fears
Daring to destroy what has been done intending to build something better.

Saying that speeches are only words
Feeling that someone says something different from what is written in books
Imagining judges devoted to fill the abyss of their bodies -
But it is not patience what keeps him sitting in the chair besides his bed
But helplessness to change the unchangeable and find a response.

That night or during the next morning
Somebody would have to wash the body of his son
And even though someone can do it some sometime later
He also has to clean the soul of the father
But maintaining his soul clean will depend on him.

He says some people talk ignoring or for have not been there
That they are weak and do not know hatred
And it could have been easy to transform his resentment
Into a real and unconditional gratitude
If only somebody continued supporting him.

The meals will be different but not the food
The same boredom and the same deception
The bitter days without any possibility to sharing them together
And one another, thinking of the future every moment

Reading with you the unchangeable reality and approving those who blame you.