miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Your question

Your question

You were already gone
You already gave up
Under the crypt of the temple
In Thou name you never believed to accept

When from the impossible it arose timely
A confirmation of the awaited meeting
As an example that can not be silenced
As the voice of a man echoing in the air.

Knowing that it would not be a shelter
That the verses were already coming
Like seasons, days and nights
On time and in their own tide

And then appeared a suffocating madness
A game dominated by danger
Heights becoming higher
And depths becoming deeper.

Intensity beats in the face
Making cracks in what was attained
Indicating clear limits 
Between what is acceptable or intended.

Like one who seems not seeking perfection in his creations
But only imitations far away from dedication
As a father who does not respect the son opinion when different from his
And only his unattained dream joins him with his descendant. 

The deeds which are predictable
Like a lord discussing with the stones
In the sense that he is facing his origin
Denies and affirms before acceptance.

The blood dripping on the points of the hated steel
Capturing the ephemeral that ends melting in eternity
Like a son who looks at his mother suspiciously
While she silently observes as times goes by.

The implicit crossroads
And the leaps of sacrifice
For giving a reek explanation
For a listener that even in his attitude is asking questions.