lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

The silent blow

The silent blow

Without looking for you I found you
And I propositioned you the whole night
Just like somebody recommending a book
Of which we will talk after we have lived it.

Inviting you to my bed and my suns
I showed you empires and suburbs
I fed you and let you sleep
And when I saw your smile, unfortunately
I started again to wait and believe in you.

But your acceptance was only a ceremony
Not admiring my fondness, as
You just imagined an abysm
Where you were trembling powerlessly.

Lets start all over says the day
And each one walks in what he did or undid
Ropes, chains and some dark sign
And a brief prayer mumbled at night.

The narrative of blame from culpable view point
The role you play in every moment
As you never could learn from others
Since nobody wanted to teach you
When you did not find as you wished you did not build it.

Here I will stay during my trip
The doors of the world are yours
Take what you wish and who you can
And if I am accused for my intentions
I confess to find nobility in my faults.

Go now, while daily things await you
The security of home and death
From simple things those that are measurable
In the old frame of incomprehension and ingratitude
From where we all depart until we discover the opposite.

The inexistent cannot be hidden
Like you can only irradiate what you are
Well, watch carefully an idea of perfection
This can only be conceived by imperfection
As the tree does not think of being a tree when it is.