miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

The mirrror

The mirror

Something you feel for somebody
Who does not care for you more than the others?
Whom you accuse for not manifesting
His feeling for you in front of the world.

The sailor who drinks his cup of coffee
Remembering a storm that just past
Where he saved his life and those of others
And remains silent not wanting to recount his experience.

Illusions of a woman pregnant for the first time
And who can not share it with her man
Because he never was hers and now he lies underground
And in her mind there is a broken link or a chain released.

At day end, the money counted by an exchange dealer
And the constant threat of the tax collector
With his heart that could fail
Keeping his mouth shut to beautiful words.

The days in which a planner wonders about a plan
Ignoring what happened during the planning period
The floor and desk in his office understand seriousness
Like the old lady in the countryside not leaving a barn because is raining.

The sons of the test pilot
And those of the carpenter
And of the architect
And the father of all of them is printed in books.

The weight of liquids and sublimation
Are like the state of miasma and a bleeding image
A hundred lambs and a wolf ignoring it is a wolf
And a way opened for one who spoiled his will.

The same dream is in different beds
And there is the same ideal in two distant centuries
As two alternatives of a unique moment.

What is early for today will necessarily be late tomorrow 
That not accomplishing goals, would create a nest of deception
That success would be awarded in total solitude
And if you give up none will notice, except the mirror which masters time.