lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Steel blade

Steel blade

Smiling behind your make up
Lowering your eyes but in your expression
It seems that you know something more
A story of wolves and another of tigers.

For being capable to wake others
You will also be able to digress
Like the steel blade without a grip or direction
That you take with your heart and let it pass through.

During the afternoon without changes
Where it rains while the sun shines
Weather is not perceived
Desires are launched by themselves.

Air passes between your legs
Recognizing them without kissing and follows on
Charging now with its perfume
And filling the dimness of the room.

Although she ignores that she knows
Everybody knows what she ignores:
The step that breaks the dried logs
The light sleep of those who remain alert.

As she does not offer calm to anybody
But she goes on without stress
Lacking of any solutions
But not prone in creating conflicts.

She does not set traps for anybody
-          With what?
As she does not wait too long
Accepting everything but finally not imposing.

White sand and clear water
Going on without expecting any miracle
Stopping but not attending any tragedy
Because it just exists and nothing more.

And the silence always prevails in simplicity
Because, though there is no balance where there are no forces
Even then conserves a difficult direction
Of possible acts conveying truth.