viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Not as it is

Not as it is

Your lies do not deceive any more
Because your story does not fit here
The space is brief, such as is life
And nobody has time for mistakes any more.

Supposing it was different, and then
Presuming that uncertainty was permanent
Intending innocence where suspicion existed
Since you already prepared to ask for forgiveness.

After all, it really does not matter
It is only your concern and you should be happy for it
Since you are right “the others” do not exist
And nonexistent things can only disturb a scholar.

So, as things are, it would not be worthwhile review everything
Not because is too late but because soon you could not endure
Although ten people are enough to turn it around
You will need a hundred to accept what you can not see.

As usually occurs, it is not even noticeable
Nor the object or your vision
But the simple way for which everyday
Expansion is needed to reach aptitude.

Words that you did not want to hear
And now you could not say
Moments when you disengaged completely
And now you could not see who sentences you.

However, you will also become a guide
Both if it hurts or serves you as solace
Indicating also a way to follow
And a significance final dignified for the way chosen.

Now that you are with us and with the others
Take final advantage of the few effects left
Things that we touch, things that we want
Without any other possibility but the unknown outcome.

We are fine because others are worse
We are bad because others are better
We agree just like others agree
Because abstinence became a dependency.