viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

In the eyes

In the eyes

Fire stones falling during storms
On the weak backs of adolescents
Before the amazed sight of a Cyprus slave
Who went to buy yellow candles at the market?

When giving hurts, because what you are giving
Is so unique and its importance cannot be forgotten
Only avoidable when you learn to ignore the crucial destiny
That can only be in the eyes of the receiver.

The emptiness of others is more personal
When provoking different concepts
Transformed in air when the deliverer
Leaves but his acts differ from his message.

The one who fails and does not feel anything
The one who arises only to cry again like the first time
The one who ignores the limit that settles his death
And the one awaiting a courtesy knows no anxiety.

And then, the epitaphists over the clouds
Those in which only numbers are written
They are hiding and closing the door but not the way
They speak aloud to the forces searching.

Impeding you to sail, so that you go away
Clinging on your ankles and still searching
To insert an ardent nail in your ideas
So that you extend your chest toward helm and canvas.

During those heavy hours
When the floor accepts your steps
And your way is not land or water
When you pause to reflect is when you start to perceive.

Yours are the intention and desires
The possibility of loyalty
The pure center of volcano
And the contained sigh before immensity.

At your early age, when glasses do not cut
And yet, all divisions can be bound again
Thanks to only a spark or just a jump
On an abyss and sky during your happy night.