viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

The sense, the price

The sense, the price

Two or three proposals
That pitiful game
To be different and unique
Combination of dream and imagination
For not even get to be a smoke.

For the tremor never waiting
Plaster falls from the walls
Unclothing arachnid nests
Arising the dust but not being a sign this time
Dizziness comes and resentment can not bear happiness.

And the sheets in hospitals
Cover minds of those who pause
Believing that time is the mobile
While ferocious scholars are closing circles
And a human being accesses his own essence.

Perhaps you do not understand but you feel what you do
Without noticing that from your mouth judgment passes
That in time of pressure your desires do not count
Because everything you ask is given to you
You would have to pay for it and there is not other way than the end.

The cards spread at night
The stars making fun of astrologists
With the sidewalks perspiring rubber sole
The windows crying past traces of rain
And the sky in the heart of someone for whom hatred is enough to succeed.

In the height of an effort
Conserving its strength
Just before you lose it
The bright idea or an uncertain concept emerges
As the slumber of the world consumes the intentions.

Arms in the wind
Without posture or imitated pose
The genetics follow
In the bottom of the cup of sacrifice
Where a reflex awaits hidden in its veil.