lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

The others

The others

They will show you what you are to them
Wondering on each second in time
The most impossible convergence of stars
And a mountain of salt calling your name.

While I dream of you as a girl or woman
And clumsily I draw you in sand
For not understanding what I want you to understand
All of them could do what I never did.

For some of them a queen, for others a princess
Able to pretend what you are not
The existent image of what you could do
And for your intelligence will be accepted.

So I say that you are not my solace
So that I know that you are not the reason of my joy
So that I admit your crown implies a cross
And the cross lasts a life, a life obtained in the middle of hope.

Necessary but temporary
With you, what I do not have
With something I would like most and trying for
And not wanting to not imagine it

The perfect circle
Turning back to honey
Like a kind face
That breaks mirrors.

Others have influence, I know
As I understand how they affect you
Perceiving that this weight is a burden
Destroying or building the one who bears it.

Nothing is left for me
Lonely streets and silent books
Distorted sights
Panic before my steps

As I love you I want you to love me too
For being prepared and demanding the same response
Feeling like mud kissing marble
With the wind but not your hands playing with my hair.