viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Se hi d ai

Se hi d ai

To the desire of celebrating a party
Accompanies the spider webs
The wind coming from up North
And the truth knowledge
That happiness is denied in complicated things.

Although being more simple
It does not mean is not difficult
Because history comes from prejudices
From a fatal fear that past things
Slip into the present spoiling the future.

Not even in death will be solutions
Because in certain moments of life
There is nothing more than to live step by step[1]
Without resting but only pausing a little for recess
To have at least one night to listen and share.

After having demanded so much
Perhaps motionless what provokes the claim
As not always is good to open the door
When unnoticing the person behind does not hear the call on time
Being little the pain for the one leaves or opens it out of time.

While you can, chains should be respected
Once slave virtues are obtained
Will be necessary to go above its effects
And forgiveness is easier for those who have never been there
As effortless is to condemn for those who did not even try to be there.

Taking his time to complicate things
Becoming invisible the one who talked to him
The ideas seem to be confused and wrenched
And although his feeling is clear he does not accept
As he only considers other people’s opinion on his possible humility.

And then the divergence where an encounter could occur
One word that should not be said
And another that could have been more appreciated in extent
Makes the short appointing the long as enlarging it
As if the night were what makes the day shining.

Until it finishes or it continues
The potential happiness
A tearful confession at dawn
A mailman who does not know his commend
And the address he knows only can wait.

[1] Mathew 15:27