martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Among shadows

Among shadows

Dreaming on you tonight and all the others
Just to be able to imagine your figure
Enduring the theory of space
And those of lost illusions.

In a city that was never mine
A trace of your name was descried
Filling with sounds the pretended silence
Where only the startled searches to enter.

Another line of an infinite stave
The precise form expands without growing
Like perception differs from another in the same person
Pointing the possible and underlining the distant.

Being able to understand affections
Always fused in intelligence and feeling
In the act of acceptance and derogation
Until including everything but ending diminished.

Wolves in streets claw my nights with their howls
While is dirtily raining on abandoned banners
As I think you are weaving a trap in your fondness
A snare arising from a cotton egg.

Shadows move and are crowded together
They peek while devouring their own open spaces
They try flame shapes and play on shining light
While glasses are destroyed without any sound

Step by step in the passage bordered by Lethem
Misery and destruction, the lie for submission
Seeming that God has lost his patience
When someone like you or another, does not meditate on comprehension.

Hospitals full of bleeding moons and lacerated vaginas
Crying of mothers that never got to be
And pillows full of thorns waiting for necks
And the air has despaired of escape from its infinite cell

Such as an end for something without beginning
And not what you hide but prevent to confess
In the way, manner but never as a consequence

Of something you will appreciate to be understood as it never was.