martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013



Always departing from the depths
Always walking on plain ground
As if reality were on opposites
And exalted love means brotherhood.

Always the objective and the goal
Always paths and obstacles
As if all ways were escapes
And the arrival is happier than welcome the unknown.

Always a rule and one who demands compliance
Always the edge that observing you can distinguish
As if the wheat and the straw come from different lands
And from them something more than things could be obtained.

Always a sighing, always
Always an image and along with its process
As if the thing obtained is distant from intended
And each tumble always means just a flutter.

Always you say your ways are so cruel
Always your dawns are rich in drizzle
As if what you are waiting for never comes
And is constantly drawn at your elbow a silent rebuke.

Always a little more, even if you feel you can not any more
Always a known or ignored adventure
As if in obstinacy you could find a key
And in your warm loneliness a small oasis.

Always running and thus waiting for you
Always demanding more of you
Like a beast breathing less because it aspires more
And does not see its food but its family’s in the prey.

Always loving you
Always in life
As occurring to a few
And they still love

Always a little more
Always a thirst that can not be controlled
Like when you have everything but never is enough
And just in sharing could be possible to reach wealth.