viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Pri hi d ai

Pri hi d ai

Like it was before, a long time ago
A sign against the evil eye
Spit on the floor with closed fist
The nasty art of which, with twisted lips
Laughing, even the devil you could despise.

Just like it was before, thus betrayal is today
It has another name and another mission
But its cause is always the same
It is not other but the subtle satellite drama
And the stormy planet ruling it.

Come and leave those full or empty of excesses
With frugality in every past thing
And the pretence of an immense future
In the same hands where last night were
Other hands delightedly accepting covet.

They will say “Something is broken between us”
Or “It is never going to be the same”
And although each one holds out hope for what is said
Facts are what happen as time goes by
According to what you treasured in your heart.

Someone looses, another wins and someone else regrets
Eternal suspicion that nothing so simple ever flies free
And sometimes eyes are blinded to seeing what is so real
After a loss, something should be preserved
Whatever happens or does not happen, or did not happen.

The anxiety while waiting
Coffee dregs awaiting its time
A beach under a hide tide
A wick extinguished in quenching wax
A near door closing and a light illumining all.

They would win, if they got to be what they wanted to
But nothing is stronger than a woman focused on spite
Or weaker than a man playing a victim
Or nothing more normal than losing heaven for just a few hours

Finally bringing to our mind other times also spent in secrecy.