jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012



The same tumbles a thousand times, and all of them
In the midst of a cold loneliness
Learning from emptiness its estate
Burying but not the Colossus of Rhodes

But our own eyes among the people
Denying in loud voice the sentence
That for great affection and patience
The erudite refuses to condemn.

Only the room without way outs is closed
It is judgment and crying without consolation
Life that doesn’t want to be in grief

The bird that wearily looks at the ground
And the heart resisting to ice
For the one who knew his wounds.

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

The secluded

The secluded

Being very different from others
In the most energetic expectations
Never yielding them magic words
Letting them be, mastering the ways,

Like one who controls, in a long thread
If not its extremes, what it hides
Knowing that what others discern
Is not his message but his style.

Sometimes singing to time at a distance
Other times, walking with someone invisible
And although not always being perceivable,

Far from repressive, in his acts
Is perceived a great indivisible trace
When marching confidently through the time.

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Look what you will see

Look what you will see

See that nobody forces me to the limit
Comparing your fascinating stories
With the idea that I search for in memories
In which total it isn’t what I fear.

Perceive that I will not ask to anybody
What in some way they ask to you
The same thing that your lips don’t define
To beg to whom you would break his

The body and half of its affections
When is comes the day, when without screaming
You slowly start to shiver

The weight of what you couldn’t waste
The life that you distraint to observe
Through a mirror without imperfection.

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Pri hi d fu

Pri hi d fu

In her heart there is still space
For a gesture and for something more
Extending from the furnace the heat
Advancing calmly, never slowly.

Life can still endure
Even though the ground trembles threateningly
Even though they feel pincers on their necks
Of all the hours lost by the others.

Ignoring the original ancient beginning
Not being able to see the last end
And anyway capturing the spiral

To one who aspires with a fatal sight
While passing his hands on the wheat field
Protected by rules that governs it.

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

The avenger

The avenger

It’s dense. Does it seem to suffocate?
It usually hurts much more when it was very little
What the mind of the insane has foreseen
For the hours that will keep him homeless

When after the gentle journey
He finds himself confronting the remote
Human being, for whom everything is vain
And then being difficult for him to be able to breath.

The novel sensation of the end
That could press down on your heart
As the ground would press down on the coffin

Carried under the skin but not in a bin
Sleeping with it on the same mattress
Waiting with it, to nail the metal.

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

The missioner

The missioner

Crossing the plain of intention
With the will alone directing
The snowy power goes accomplishing
While reaching its enlighten.

It’s to traverse great and immoral fears
Without giving in to hate, and avoiding to fall
In the resentment asking for importance
As much as the black, satiated eyes

That for seeing, just on time they distinguished
The violence that implies the advancement
And the peace that in each accident

By keeping within, avoids the occurrence
That would take us to another outcome
And not to those the senders chose.

Striking Beauty

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012



You believe to desire much more than what’s around you
But to transform it in a novelty
You don’t have the bravery, the mind or the age
As what you see, only skirts the truth.

You didn’t imagine the paradise
You never fought in any inferno
The winter always found you at home
You never crossed a moving bridge.

Then, if your complaint you adore that much,
Search for you another shoulder to leave
What nobody made you to bear

And let me try an attempt to breath
The air of those who are forbidden to look
What goes inside or outside of the grate.

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Confused innocence

Confused innocence

I read that many of them were sent
Well before the could be borne
To be able to do things here
Beyond the forgotten books.

I read that with love is enough
So that the tragic winter
Becomes tender to certain eyes
Like a man transformed in child.

Then it seemed to me very distant
To a trivial structure of art
For things that by now, I would like to give you

So that without much effort
For me, with no fear to embrace you
You could turn them only plain.

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012



It is important that I can’t have you
So that without flame I know the fire
So that without shame I express my plea
That my eyes are prepared to see you.

It’s good for me to silence my despair
To go knowing the pressure of sea
The intense pain of the nest that knew to love
To eagles that deprived affliction.

It’s fair that all the apathetic cut me
That in each cup I find the past
The image of an aching heart

Of the child forever abandoned
And of a deep and silent affection
And in the world, taking them both as a north.

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

The permission

As it was Sunday, it was she 
The one who without tiresome pain
Calmly granted me a rest
Delivering me to my star

She remained with the many hours
Of the day and –  of twilight
Of that very tiny world
Always full of many moments

Which don’t allow without escape
The other edges of consciousness
Which start to tear the theory

Trying to sow that insanity
Of loading to the fire the decency
Seeing that pain is what extinguishes. 

Pepe Rodríguez - Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios

Ficha del libro:
Título: Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios… según la Biblia
Autor: Pepe Rodríguez
Nro. Páginas: 260

Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios... según la Biblia
por Silvio M. Rodríguez C.

          El autor parte de la comprensión tradicional de la Biblia como libro unificado, y de la valoración de la misma como expresión emitida por Dios a través de sus mensajeros elegidos. Esto es, nos recuerda que la Biblia en su conjunto es “palabra de Dios”, cuya exégesis, en todo caso, está más allá de las posibilidades de los de a pie, “la Iglesia católica considera que cualquier lector directo de la Biblia es más bien idiota y, por ello, incapaz de comprender el sentido de lo que lee en un texto que ha sido traducido bajo su absoluto control”, señala Rodríguez.

          Como corresponde, y en el principio del libro, nos indica las versiones de la Biblia que utilizó: “Biblia Latinoamericana”, “Biblia de Jerusalén”, “Nueva Biblia Española”, “Santa Biblia”, “Sagrada Biblia”, “Biblia de las Américas”, “Santa Biblia Nueva Versión Internacional”, “Dios Habla Hoy”, “Nuevo Mundo de las Santas Escrituras”, “Sagrada Biblia”, “King James Version of the Bible”. Con esto, los lectores pueden sentirse tranquilos respecto de si existió o no un trabajo comparativo, sobre todo aquellos que examinan o han examinado más de una versión y encontrado, con ello, tanto dificultades como soluciones a la hora de internalizar algún pasaje no demasiado claro.

          Seguidamente, y antes de entrar de lleno al desarrollo del libro, respecto de la legislación implicada en el texto sagrado, nos marca: “Dado que no consta en ninguna parte que su promulgador, Dios todopoderoso y eterno, las haya derogado o conmutado, no nos queda más remedio que darlas por vigentes… si es que también lo están las otras normas que los detentadores del dogma afirman que deben ser cumplidas. O son todas válidas o no lo es ninguna,”. Hasta aquí, tan sólo menciono los pilares sobre los cuales el texto se erige, y que son aristas más que razonables del autor.

         Ya en el discurso, sobresalen los pasajes en donde la belicosidad, y las muy diversas maneras de violencia, son puestas de manifiesto, como también disposiciones y eventos en los que se culturiza la conducta machista. También son marcados aquellos hechos en los que es innegable una suerte de incoherencia entre orden y contraorden divina, y aquellos en los que el actuar de los hombres escogidos por Dios dista por lejos de ser deseable y que, sin embargo, carecen de consecuencias. Todo esto acompañado con traducciones de acepciones de vocablos hebreos y precisiones de tipo geográfico e histórico que constituyen un lujo.

          Escrito con una soltura impecable, enriquecido con abundantes notas al pie, y haciendo de la ironía una bandera, “Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios”, es un libro que hará estallar los ojos de algunos ortodoxos, que posiblemente ofenderá a quienes hace años tienen por costumbre leer de la Biblia sólo los versículos que se les indican los fines de semana y, para los que tienen el hábito de examinarla, será aire fresco en el trajín. Respecto de los que nunca leyeron la Biblia, un libro que marca los peligros de cualquier polarización y porqué primero hay que leer completo cualquier texto base.